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About Pëurr® Soap

Reinventing oneself at 51, is quite a  scary thing to say the least. I waited tables for nearly 25 years, and sold real estate prior to that. I have to say that being a server all those years were very good to me. The customer service skills I acquired have been invaluable, and, I was never broke.
Having learned how to make soap in 2016, I became obsessed with this my hobby. I learned to make an olive oil and goat's milk soap, using canned goat's milk, which turned out to be the best soap I had ever used. It was unbelievably moisturizing, and left my skin softer than any bar soap had.
For the first 4 months, I researched soap-making every chance I could. To say I was obsessed was an understatement. When I had a good understanding about the saponification process, I modified the recipe, and in my opinion improved upon it.
What started as a hobby is now a thriving business. We are in three full time Farmers Markets and one seasonal. We ship all over the U.S., and have customers in Australia, Cambodia, Canada, France and Mexico.
Pëurr® Soap Co. is committed to producing only the highest quality handcrafted soap there is. We will never use inferior oils, or reduce the amount of milk we use in our soap by adding water. We are also committed to protecting the environment, we recycle everything our raw materials come in. 
We take pride in educating as many people as we can about the benefits of using a quality soap, made from olive oil and goat's milk for their entire body care needs.
Reducing single use plastics in our lives is a daunting task, but it's a reality we are faced with. It's not something we 'should' be doing, rather something we 'have' to do, and at Pëurr® Soap, we are committed to doing our part.
These three and a half years have been an incredible journey, and I would like to extend a heart felt thank you to all who have made Pëurr® Soap Co. what it is. I am forever grateful.
Jim R. Colvin
Founder, Pëurr® Soap Co. Est. 2016
Glendale, CA. U.S.A.
Just one week old