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Each 6 ounce bar of our luxurious soap starts with just three timeless ingredients, EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, RAW GOAT'S MILK, and pure ESSENTIAL OILS. When just these three ingredients are combined with sodium hydroxide to make soap, what you create is one of the most, if not the most, moisturizing and skin softening soaps available. Bar none!

And why wouldn't it? Think about this; extra virgin olive oil and goat's milk, for countless centuries, literally 1000's of years, has been considered two of natures most perfect foods. Essential oils have been used since biblical times, and perhaps even before. Let's face it, it  doesn't get any better than the actual essence of plants. Plants like Lavender, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Patchouli, Cedar-wood, Sage, Clove, Palmarosa or Lemongrass, all with their antibacterial and antiviral properties. 

It is our opinion that there is not a single other ingredient that needs to be used when making soap, to achieve clean, soft hydrated skin. We have built our entire business on this belief. In just a few years, PËURR® SOAP has become a thriving and full time business with customers all over southern California. We ship on a regular basis to nearly all 50 States. We can also proudly say that our customer base extends to Canada, Mexico, France, Australia and Cambodia. 


You see, soap made solely from olive oil, will produce a soap, which allows our skin to retain some of the natural oil (sebum) it produces. By design, our skin produces it's own moisturizer. When soaps made from oils such as coconut oil (sodium cocoate), palm oil (sodium palmate), or tallow (sodium tallowate) are used, we are washing the natural moisturizer our skin is producing right down the drain!

Just to be clear, we have nothing against coconut oil, palm oil, or even tallow, but they will produce soaps that are on the drying side.  Some more so than others. We all know the phrase

"Don't Use Soap On Your Face Because It's Drying", ..... right?


The multi-billion dollar a year lotion industry wasn't created by accident. Now, there is no doubt our hands need a little moisturizer every now and then from being exposed constantly to the elements. Not to mention all that awful liquid soap that we use in public restrooms, but if you are having to slather moisturizer all over after showering because of dry skin, you simply just need to use the right soap.  

 PËURR® soap is so gentle and moisturizing, it can be used for the FACE, BODY, HAIR and for SHAVING. When traveling, all you need is your bar of PËURR® soap, and no more single use plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles to throw away. It's the future of body care, one bar for everything!

  We are so confident that PËURR® soap will leave your skin hydrated and velvety soft, your hair better than any shampoo, and a shave so close, we will refund 100% of your purchase, including shipping, if you aren't happy with your purchase from PËURR® SOAP. No questions asked. 

Try a bar of PËURR® goat's milk & olive oil soap today, your skin and hair will thank you.